martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

Beyond All-Inclusive, ALTITUDE "The Complete Experience"

Krystal Grand Punta Cancún, is offering a new vision to immerse the group participants to a complete experience of Exclusivity and Luxury, ALTITUD Tower.

Besides the access to one of the most idyllic white powder-beaches in Cancún, the NEW tower features:
  • 24 hrs concierge
  • Exclusive check-in lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas
  • Afternoon Cocktail with international drinks and gourmet canapes
  • Author’s Mixology experiences
  • Chef’s table included
  • Wine & Tequila tasting included
  • And more…

This opening offers an up-scale canvas to design extraordinary events for Corporate and Incentive programs for more information and assistance to create unique experiences for your next event contact IIT DMC. 

viernes, 29 de septiembre de 2017

Mexican Caribe better than ever!!

Cozumel is a magic island, too proud to let itself become just another cruise-ship destination. Despite of the tourist area and souvenir shops Cozumel is an island of quiet cool and genuine authenticity perfect to provided real immersive experiences with Caribbean energy.

Besides having the best Coral Reefs in the WORLD! The Westin Cozumel recently join the island, on stunning San Juan Beach, the resort’s upscale facilities are well prepared for a business meetings, corporate and incentive events offering marvelous venues with unparalleled natural breathtaking views.

Fully equipped, the resort offers a complete range of state-of-the-art audiovisual and telecommunications technology to meet the needs of any event.

With more options to enhance the IIT up-lifted immersive experiences for your groups and events, just be ready to be surprised!!  #MexicoAWorldOfItsOwn 

viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017

Immediately after the earthquake magnitude 7.1 shocked some states of Mexico, the Mexican intrinsic willingness to help was overwhelming!
Businessmen in ties, students in jeans, doctors in scrubs and other ordinary people from all walks of life have joined professional rescue teams in rushing onto and into the mangled remains of homes, schools and offices in Mexico City, rushing themselves to find survivors and give hope to the entire country.

It is proven, “The best part of Mexico is its people” just try us, wherever your purpose is for a trip, Meeting or Event we will make it happened simply because it is in our nature like the passion in our blood.
Come to Cancun and Help us to Help.

lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

IMEX AMERICA – Less than a month away

In 2011, Ray Bloom and Paul Flackett radically changed the MICE industry trade show concept in North America when they brought their highly successful Franfurt model to Las Vegas. IMEX America brought technology and innovation unlike anything our industry has seen in many years.

Their show has grown exponentially since 2011 and It truly is the go-to industry event in the Americas today. 

At International Incentive Travel we are getting ready to meet new clients, make a fantastic networking with all our friends in the industry #Eventsprofs, get to know the latest event technology and most of all to get inspire with the Event's Trends and Innovation. 

We would love to see you there!!

lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

RCD Hotels recibe certificación Great Place to Work

¡Felicidades! a nuestros amigos de RCD Hotels, grupo mexicano encargado de Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, Cancún y Riviera Maya, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana y propiedades de lujo como UNICO 20° 87° Hotel en la Riviera Maya, recibió la certificación Grear Place to Work.

GTPW es un instituto que mide las conductas, comportamientos y el ambiente que constituye el fundamento de los lugares de trabajo; identifica y clasifica los excelentes lugares para laborar, basándose en lograr los objetivos de la organización a través de la inspiración, la comunicación y la lucha, así como por tener colaboradores que dan lo mejor de sí cuando se les agradece y se les desarrolla para trabajar como equipo/ familia.

“A raíz del crecimiento del grupo es necesario asegurarnos de que contamos con las mejores prácticas para atraer y retener al mejor talento de la compañía. Somos una empresa inclusiva con un esquema de puertas abiertas. Escuchamos a los colaboradores; nos importa estar cerca de ellos para saber que necesitan y asegurarnos de que se encuentran trabajando en un entorno agradable”

Seguro Grisel Maldonado, Directora de RH de RCD Hotels.

lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017


Mexico is the 14th largest country on the planet, and yes, some crime statistics have slightly increased recently nevertheless Yucantán and Quintana Roo homicide rates are lower than the rural U.S. States of Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and North Dakota, West Virginia and several others according to the US FBI.
Furthermore the Miami Herald published last week: While Cancún’s murder rate is 20 people per 100,000 inhabitants the equivalent rates for some big U.S. cities is significantly higher: 52 people per 100,000 inhabitants in Baltimore, 50 in Detroit and 20 in Washington, D.C., according to New York University’s

Mexico’s famous beaches and cultural treasures are hundreds of miles away from isolated border violence, moreover prime tourism destinations such as Cancún and Riviera Maya have specialized companies like International Incentive Travel (IIT) experts in the destination with a high Risk Control Strategies and has never have a single incident in more than 34 years managing Corporate and Incentive Groups as well as many International Events.

For IIT safety has always been a serious business and the strict criteria for vendor selection and risks assessed allow us to identified possible hazards and minimize the potential for injury or harm to any participant or property.

Cancun and Riviera Maya have a growing unparalleled selection of premium International Hotel Brands for you to choose, whether you are seeking for serenity, chasing adventure or just to find a balance in live we surely have the perfect accommodation for you; these resorts offers world-class services in a perfectly safe environment.

Regardless of anything IIT has always advised its clients to use common sense when traveling anywhere:

  • Avoid to pretentious and disruptive behavior.
  • Ask us about the best accommodation for you or your group, the best Hotel will be the one that cover your particular needs better. 
  • Ask us about the things to do and the surrounding areas, we can find the perfect option according to your agenda.

Information is power. Well Informed travelers know Mexico’s touristic areas are safe and enjoyable.

We would love to see you here!

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

Statement Released on recommendations for travel to Mexico by the Government of the USA

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dear Partner,
Due to the recent travel advisory sent out by the US State Department we feel impelled to share with you a clarification as it is important to point out the following:

• The travel alert was issued for the entire country and different criteria apply for each state; in the case of Quintana Roo, no travel restriction has been issued. The update is limited to warning about possible risks due to two factors: the supposed increase in the homicide rate for the 2016-2017 period and confrontations between criminal groups.

• The government of Quintana Roo, through the Department of Tourism, continues to work closely with the Federal Government and hand in hand with the General Consulate of the United States in Mexico, communicating the different measures taken by the government of Carlos Joaquin to ensure security in our state.

• The state government has always been open to dialogue with all sectors of the tourism industry, has provided documentation and technical support regarding the real facts and their implications, and is constantly working to guarantee the safety of tourists who visit Quintana Roo.

• Quintana Roo is not unaffected by what is happening in the rest of the world and is working to guarantee the success of the tourist industry in the destinations of the Mexican Caribbean and ensure their continued popularity. This success is due to a competitive productive sector that is united and able to react and face up to challenges that can arise.

 Regardless that is official information, for International Incentive Travel the safety and security of our clients is our most valuable asset to safeguard and we will not take any chance to jeopardize it.

We are also speaking on behalf of all our Business Partners who are seriously concern about this affair. We have their full support to protect our client’s integrity and their best interests.

We hope this information that can help to clear out any doubts you may have if you are considering Cancun or Riviera Maya as the destination for your next Group or Event.

We would love to see you here in the future soon.